Illegals & Drugs Stealing American Jobs?

Who doesn’t want to be employed?

Well, about 5 million Americans apparently.  That’s right.  The last US Department of Labor report found millions job opportunities were left without employees.

And it’s not like these are nuclear science jobs.  Most unfilled vacancies were for warehousing, administration, sales, and such!

Why do these jobs go unfilled?  In some states, it has been reported that 30% of would be applicants get screened out because of drug tests.  Many more don’t even bother applying.

30% represents 1.5 million people who can’t work because either they are addicted to drugs or prefer them over work.  Either way it’s a big problem.

Breitbart News recently reported (sic) that under Obama over 8 million illegal immigrants took jobs from Americans.  That’s a bit hard to swallow given these vacancy levels.

Arguing illegals are wage cutting competition, Breitbart scored the point that low-wage immigrant labor only served to line the pockets of Wall Street.  But then they also bring you the food on your table, serve you in your favorite restaurant, and serve you in a million other ways.

The news here is not that illegals take American jobs, but that many Americans don’t want to work and Mexicans do.  If corporate America decided to spend around 10% of their profits, every job in America could pay 70,000.  Imagine what kind of market that would create!

Instead, we see Wall Street insisting on not paying a fair wage, and millions of in America having to work two or three jobs just to make ends meet.  It’s low wages, not immigrants, that cause drugs to be a preferred alternative to work.

Five million jobs left vacant is 80% of the number of people looking for work in America.  Pay a dignified wage and they would be filled in a heartbeat.


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