Trump’s ETP Ownership Threatens Standing Rock Decision?

Its massive. Truly massive. Yesterday Standing Rock stood in front of the train called neo-cronyism and smashed it like the phony solution to America’s energy problem that it is.

The New York Times got it wrong when they reported Standing Rock Celebrates. What they should have reported was Standing Rocks Celebrities. The Sioux are doing the work of the righteous.

Don’t think so? Who rides a pony around at 36 degrees to keep water clean for centuries to come?  Who faces down imminent and personal danger to save the environment?

But if you think it’s over, it’s not. Electoral College Elected President (ECPE) Trump owns a lot of stock in Energy Transfer Partners. What company is that? Oh, just the company building the pipeline.

Sources say Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been assigned the job of reversing the Standing Rock decision as one of the Administration’s top priorities.

So be prepared to help the Sioux.  Jared, like Trump himself, has a spiteful record.  Remember he’s the guy who took down Governor Chris Christie’s chances to be VP, got him removed as head of ECPE Trump Transition Team, and smothered his aspirations for a Trump Cabinet position, all because Christie, while an US Attorney slammed Kushner’s father, Charles, in federal prison in 2005.  For what?  Eighteen counts of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering.

Back to Standing Rock, ethics will not apply and tear gas seems imminent for the Sioux. Don’t believe me? Remember the thugs in Oregon, the pseudo cowboys who tried to steal government land?  They were acquitted. Let go.

All indications are that ECEP Trump administration will deal one by one with companies, with nary a coherent policy to guide them. Why? Because that’s how businesses make money. And if this administration is about anything it’s about that.

If you think the collective economic interests of America is at stake, you are wrong. Business likes chaos and lack of rules. Better for negotiating.  If you don’t believe this, look at the stock market, it’s up over 300 points since Trump with the help of his Russian friends which the CIA thinks most probably had his way hacked to an electoral college win.

As a professor from a Boston-based university recently told me: Don’t worry much about the economy, they want to scare you with that. It our collective rights that are on the chopping block. Fear that.


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