Trumps Inner Circle Profits from Boeing Tweet?

Yesterday Electoral College Elected President (ECPE) Trump, slammed Boeing in yet another attempt to bully a company to do his bidding.

We must admire his naïve courage to think he can single handedly convince corporate America to do his bidding.  Yes, companies will respond.  But just as the Taiwanese intelligently paid US$140,000 to Bob Dole just for arranging a call with ECPE Trump, and millions more to the likes of Dick Gephardt, another swamp dwelling lobbyists not seen in decades… well you must know that the game has changed but it still the same old, maybe even older swamp yet.

How has the game changed? Well, companies like chaos and lack of rules, but fear capricious and vindictive decision-making. Ass kissing is now the new lobby.  Big companies will work out how to get around the new non-rules rules; they most always do.  Main street America can only brace itself for the howling winds that will roar from different directions.

At the same time, unpredictability breeds corruption.  ECE Trump must have Robert Mugabe’s, the 92-year-old despot cum President of Zimbabwe’s, play book.  Hate, love, divide, confuse, corrupt conquer while squashing the media’s courage and right to question or make sense of things.

Not incidentally, rumors have it that intimates within the ECE Trump Transition Team have been shorting companies he disses.  Shorting a stock is when someone essentially profits when a stock declines in price. Its very hard to anticipate a stock decline, unless you have say insider knowledge…. say for example knowing when ECPE twitter dis is coming along.  Worse yet, because nothing will likely happen to Boeing long term, its stock shot back within a day or so, and will soon be back to where it was before the ECPE tweet.

Profit going down, profit going up.  While few of us understand stock shorting, people with Wall Street financiers and lawyers do, but we can all read the chart below which says Boeing stock took a $2B hit overnight.  If you shorted the stock with a million or so, you would have more than tripled your money in a matter of minutes.  How is that draining the swamp? Filling it up more likely.

Don’t believe?  Is it a coincidence that ECPE Trump’s tweet went out at 8:52 am, or 50 minutes before the market opened?  Enough time to purchase the short, but no time for the market to absorb the information as nonsense.

This is just another way for the Trumpistas to make money, and as has been said here in this column before, making money is likely what ECPE Trumps administration will be all about.





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