TEN Facts Proving Electoral College Elect (ECPE) Trump is all about the Money

If you don’t think that the ECPE Trump administration is all about money, you are not looking at the facts.

FACT ONE – Turmoil Pays? Trump has quite unbelievably managed to maintain a business reputation despite being the worst businessman ever to become a billionaire. Six bankruptcies and billions lost, yet he still makes money.

Why? Because he excels at creating, then thriving on turmoil.

ECPE Trump intuitively knows that people and the media love drama and controversy. We are easily diverted, distracted, redirected … like so many kittens chasing our own tails.

Take the spectacle of selecting his Secretary of State. The endless parade of candidates down the Trump Tower golden carpet was just so much diversion from the fact that the election was almost certainly rigged and probably hacked to his advantage by Russian operatives.

Fact TWO – Shorting Stocks He Distweets?  As was reported last week, Trump insiders are likely shorting the stocks of companies the ECPE dis’tweets (that’s Turmoil speak for disrespecting-tweets). Victims so far include Boeing, United Technologies, and New Hampshire College.  Zero Presidential dignity, but who cares when millions are to be made.

Fact THREE – Billionaire Club Members will pull a Cheney? So far ECPE Trump’s billionaire Club, otherwise known as his Cabinet, all stand to make millions directly and indirectly through their positions. Will Secretary of State Tillerson put his business interests in a blind trust as he should? Perhaps. Or maybe he will nudge, nudge, wink, wink with Puntin to the benefit of his oil industry buddies? During Bush II, Dick Cheney pushed billions of non-competitive contracts the way of his ex-corporate pals at Halliburton. Even if Tillerson doesn’t do a Cheney, his oil stocks are going through the roof with climate denier Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruittat heading of the EPA (now renamed the Energy Protagonist Agency).

Fact FOUR – Habitual Screwing the Public Good for $?  Exxon, with Tillerson at its head, was one of the most ambitious fracking for oil and natural gas promoters and investors in the US. And just as Exxon covered up its own research from the 1970s which found climate change to be an imminent threat to humanity, Exxon defends fracking as safe and good for local economies. At the same time, Tillerson was behind a lawsuit to ban fracking from his own neighborhood! Can we expect him to protect the commons when he can line his wallet?

Fact FIVE – Conflict of Interest? What Conflict of Interest? ECPE Trump has yet to show us his tax statements. We have no clue if his business interests in at least 144 companies in 25 countries will cause him to claim, as he did after Brexit, hey sure it was a surprise, but a lower pound will be terrific for my golf club.

FACT SIX – Buying Favor? Even as ECPE Trump shouted victory by keeping a few Carrier jobs in Indiana (it was about 800 not 1,100 by the way, and a 550 are still going anyhow), we learned the ECPE was simply blackmailed, hoodwinked by United Technologies who jacked the so call best negotiator in the world for a $7 million in tax cut. That’s a loss of about $9,000 a job to the Indiana tax payers. It’s a brilliant strategy, employed time after time:  borrow money from people dumber than him, fail in business, don’t repay, and call the mess a great success. In case we forget, the ECPE has his hands on the US Treasury: you can almost hear the companies lining up to “move” to Mexico. Blackmail pays. Scared yet?

FACT SEVEN: Hypocritical Habitual Screwing of the Environment for $? – Back to Tillerson. Exxon funded research from the 1970s found climate change — much emanating from petrochemical based economy activity — was real. Instead of alerting the planet, Exxon buried the research and funded climate deniers. Exxon changed strategy a few of years ago, and came “cleanish” about these facts (they still spread a lot of half-truths). But the damage has been done and billions were made. Tillerson may not have been CEO all that time, but was he aware of the research? It is highly unlikely research of this importance was kept from him, a then rising star in the Exxon family. He knew and did nothing? If so why? To make money.

FACT EIGHT – Habitual Screwing of Labor? This is my favorite: Andy Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants, which includes the Carl’s Jr. fast food chain., as Secretary of Labor. Just like evidence of climate change, it’s a proven fact a higher minimum wage means an improved economy for everyone, while a lower minimum wage is only good for a few big companies. Mr. Puzder and his fast food friends are gold. If you have no morals, invest in the worst of the worst companies for labor treatment. You’ll make a fortune. Blue collar workers, you already got your 800 jobs in Indiana, forget new jobs let alone a fair wage. And Carl’s Jr.? Really? EPCE couldn’t even pick a CEO from a fast food joint that can make a decent burger?

FACT NINE – White House to Trump Tower Black Phone? Remember the red phone that sat on the president’s desk, the in case-of-crazy-stuff happing direct line to Moscow phone? Want to bet there will be new phone on the desk come inauguration? It’s not going to be red, but a black-for-profit phone with a direct line to Trump Tower. “Ivana honey, I am going to dis’tweet Shell today, Rex’s birthday is coming up and I want to do something special for him, he been so terrific, really terrific…… Can you place an order, say $100 million shorting the stock?  Oh, and by the way, when you talk to Prime Minister Abe tomorrow, tell him the sushi recipe he sent us was fantastic, really, really the best.”

FACT TEN:  So Many Blue-Collar Folks? Steven Mnuchin, 17-year-veteran of Goldman screwed-by-the-rich-nic-hanauerSachs, Treasury secretary; billionaire investor Wilbur Ross, economic adviser, and Commerce secretary; Linda McMahon, a professional wrestling executive for Small Business Administration administrator; Gary Cohn, the president and CEO of Goldman Sachs to lead National Economic Council. Rick Perry, Energy Secretary, (sits on the board of the pipeline company that wants to carry oil directly under a tribal water supply in North Dakota). Enough said?

Bonus Fact: To Russia With Love?  Did the turmoil wreaked by Russia in the elections put ECPE Trump in power? Was Trump an innocent bystander?  According to the New York Times ECPE business ties to Moscow date back as far as the 1980s. In 2008, his son Donald Trump Jr. told a real estate gathering that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” adding “we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

It was once said that the business of GM was the business of America and vice versa. Nonsense. Never confuse the fact that Government is supposed is to serve us all and not just a few well-placed companies and billionaires.

Putting money before the interests of your country, your community, and all the values you believe as sacrosanct is not just immoral, its unpatriotic beyond understanding. Why the hell do you think Men and Women risk life and limbs in the Service of America?  So the Donald and the Carl Juniors of the world can get richer?


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