Trump Foreign & Domestic Policy Strategy: Speak Loud & Carry Overcompensating Stick?

Has it taken long for Trump’s Governing Strategy 1.0 to emerge? Not really, and here it is: Carry a Big Stick and tell the world you are not afraid to use it.

This is Trump’s foreign policy. This is his Domestic policy.

Arguably, not a bad strategy. Bullies, thugs and Rumsfields have used it for decades, with varying degrees of success.

In practice, it just means scaring people, agencies, and countries up front with no particular aim in mind. An example: the completely “normal” transition team surveys on entirely flash point themes, including:

  • EPA: Who does what with climate science survey (not to mention climatchangitis sufferer, Scott Pruitt, to head up the witch hunt; and
  • State Department: Stand up if you give a crap about gender equality survey?

This is not so subtle policy path clearing: sit down, shut up, or lose your job. Chief ScareMonger Chief Bannon is good, I’ll give you that.

What about foreign policy? Let’s take China for example:

  • We are going to be belligerent, so fuck you.
  • The US isn’t weak, so fuck you.

This applies not just to China, it’s the new American foreign policy, with the details yet to come, I suspect.

I must say, all-in-all it’s been a good start for these bastards.

But let’s see if this is good negotiation, or just compensation for the size of their stick…

Up next: Are Trump’s cleaners illegal?


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