De Vos Nomination & Traitorous Education Policy

With all the noise around Russian hacking linked to Electoral College President Elect (ECPE) Trump going on these past couple days we could be losing sight of some other important things going on.

Take education.

Rarely front and center, it is the proverbial rooster that comes home to roost. Without broadly available, quality education…. well, your country is screwed and everyone gets far less than they truly deserve.

Many think of education as some classroom thing. And it can be. But that’s not what education really is.


Education is about learning, and it’s about everyone given and taking the opportunity to meet their potential.

More personally, education is about everyone being really, really happy doing something they believe is productively cool and/or has value for society.

So, education should be free and of a high quality. And it’s our collective responsibility to create a culture of learning. Paying for education, as Betsy DeVos, ECPE Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, has vehemently supported, only takes education away from many, and ruins it for many more.

That’s just the half of it.

If we don’t invest, don’t make education great, don’t challenge us all to engage, we will be left behind as a nation.

It was our hands that made us rich, this is true. And there is nobility in that. Farmers and mechanics, typists and checkout folk helped to make America great. But if we are to lead the world today, it will be with our creative minds. Craft folk, technical experts, artists, managers, subject experts, executives: the more creative, the more thoughtful, the more dedicated to our crafts, the greater America will be, and the better off the rest of the world will be as well.

If you can create opportunity through education, then you don’t need a belligerent stick.

The world looks to America to be great. America is great and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

But America can be greater and we must do far more to stir a culture of education, training, retraining, learning and creativity. Had we done this more consistently, more broadly, the Making America Great Again idea would never have caught on in the first place.

This is why, among many other critiques, the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education is a disgrace. Her unrepentant campaign to sell education to the highest bidder is not only morally reprehensible in a country as rich as America, but it is terrible policy to a traitorous degree.

The future of US production is not in our hand but our minds. If we want to produce “things” in the US while keeping prices low, we are either going to have to evolve as workers or match the wages of folks in India, China or South Africa.

It’s up to us.

This is so important. Let’s not be so distracted by the Russian hacks and ECPE deflections, to resist the terrible tide Betsy DeVos represents.

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