Office of Congressional Ethics Back Down – Let the Infighting Begin.

Trump’s tweet-forced reversal of the GOP’s inept attempt to dislodge ethics in the capital by choking off the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) was brilliant politics (either planned or by accident).

If by accident, it told us so many different things it’s hard to know where to start.

First off, it is hard to believe that the GOP rank and file is that deaf to SWAP politics to do such a thing, in secret, and on Day 1!  That they did it without their Leadership? Astounding.

This is the best late Christmas present the Electoral College President Elect (ECPE) Trump ever got. After the ECPE made the swampiest of swampy Cabinet nominations, the GOP somehow managed to make him look the champion of ethics.

Now that last sentence was almost impossible to write, and that we know its not true is small comfort in a town where brand is everything unless you get caught (wait, even if you get caught!). What is not hard to write, is that the GOP’s pivot straight to a swamp issue with literally NO public support was nothing short of Jaw Dropping.

Vipers are in play.

What we also learned is that Trump’s tweets scare the crap out of people.  We knew ECPE had the ability to move the ignorant and uncaring, but GOP lawmakers with some supposed level of political acumen? back-stabb-2

Politics being politics, the GOP, Trump, the GOP leadership, and the Alt Right will soon be tearing each other apart. You have to know that this version of the “The Right” isn’t a movement. It’s a bunch of unhappy, nasty IDEAS sort-of-united in a kind-of-a-common if unfocused seemly hate-driven cause.

Make no mistake, the Right’s ascendency is no Rebel come calling. There are no Reagans, no Nassers, no Nerus, no Trudeaus about… nary a visionary with steel among them. (Don’t know these leaders? You may recall some of their opposites: Kaddafi, Mubarak, Ceausescu etc.).

Many of the loosely knit IDEAS of the Right do inspire militant followings. This allows for impressive disruptive political power; power far beyond the public support most IDEAS enjoy.

But these IDEAS tend to be pushed by uncompromising never repent proponents, making them worth far more political coin alone than in combination. Together these IDEAS are more like a greasy gang in a bad Mad Max movie clone, each more than willing than the next to throw the other under the spiky wheeled bus of political power.

Speaking of movements, ECPE Trump, the GOP, the GOP leadership, and the Alt Right didn’t even come together on their own. They were just the most obnoxious voices in a room abandoned by voter fatalism, disillusionment, greed, ennui, and various degrees of under exuberance for the Democratic offer (which in hindsight was also utterly tone deaf).

So, the faux Rebels have the palace. If they continue down this same path, a rather fast dissolution of power is predictable as the infighting and enemy making truly begins.

The GOP’s attempt to gut the OCE was nothing sort of astoundingly dumb. Trump 1: GOP 0, and it’s not even Day 1.

Of course, all this could have been planned by a crafty Bannon or someone like that: but then again, who believes in conspiracies?


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