US Debt Set to Soar by $9 trillion under Electoral College President Elect Trump’s half-baked policies.

By the GOPs own estimates, Electoral College President Elect (ECPE) Trump’s hodge-podge of policies (if you can even call them that) will add $9 trillion Dollars to the US debt.   

Don’t let the ECPE or the GOP fool you. They will try to tell you that billions in tax cuts to the wealthy will create an economic explosion to pay for it all. This didn’t work for Reagan, Bush I or Bush II.  Why would it work for the ECPE?

And don’t let the ECPE dupe us into an infrastructure plan they say will pay for the cuts, either.  The only infrastructure plan in store will be a thinly disguised ploy to build his idiotic wall, which is not infrastructure, and adds nothing to the economy.  gap-in-the-wall

Sure, building it will provide (a onetime only) cash infusion to the local economy.  But productive infrastructure investments, the kind that made America “great” in the first place, are needed in roads, bridges, ports, airports, and public services infrastructure (including the IRA’s capacity to catch out tax evading kleptocrats).  

Besides, a dusty, windswept wall to keep a hate-fueled election promise does nothing for the US economy, and likely won’t keep industrious Amigos out either (who btw make up about 5% of the US workforce doing things jobs Americans haven’t wanted to do for eons)!

Like invading Iraq made $39 billion for Vice President Cheney’s friends at Haliburton, a wall will mostly only benefit friends of the ECPE, an ECPE company or two, or any number of other non-tax paying kleptocrats who, along with other tax evaders, owe the US government more than $6 trillion.*

ECPE policies will give each citizen $27,000 more in national debt to pay, put billions of dollars in the pockets of his friends, probably result in 25 million losing their health insurance, likely result in a half-built wall along the US Mexican border that will only lead immigrants to find other ways around, and leave productive infrastructure in crumbling ruins.


*estimated tax outstanding to the US federal government over the last 10 years.

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