Putinbots & Russia Hacking: Hacking America to Bits?

The Bear’s at the gate?  Maybe.

They can wait.  Their side show is good.  But it’s a side show just the same.  The hack on American values is the main event.  Everything else is small tent.

But wait, aren’t Russian social media hackers responsible for Putinbotting the election, and putin-winknow laughing at the results?  Maybe, but it’s not because they hacked us, but because we hacked ourselves…. and they got the credit for doing it.

We did hack ourselves, and there is no doubt about it.  We chased our own social media tail to a froth and frenzy on every little issue, every idiotic tweet, or nonsensical statement from Trump and Co.  Most of the so-called crises were the stuff of “pussy-grab-garbage-gate” and pure distraction.  We paid far more attention to this chaff and chatter than to the bigger issues at stake – deceit and division.

Crisis Co-dependent?
Our inability to root out deceit and unite is the face of an imminent and present danger Trump & Co. represent.

Lurching from “What’s the next crisis?” to “When is the next crisis”, to “Oh my God, my Follower-Like numbers are going wild – I need a crisis”, hundreds of thousands of online business models now depend on the drug of crisis.  Trump mainlines attention and so is more than happy to play the pusher-addict to our own need.

Not one of the crisis-distractions offered an existential threat, even as each posed ground losing political outcomes.  Our social media deficit disorder diverted both the media and protesting-class attention to the trivial, as often as not.

More ominously, constant crisis served as cover for Steve Bannon and Alt Right’s uber strategy of hammering the “present order of things…. of which the core could be described as human rights, anti-hierarchy, and political correctness — everything that is the face of the Beast, the Antichrist.”

Enter the PutinBots
Did they PutinBots tip the election? Indubitably.  Are they still wreaking havoc?  Clearly.

But Putinbot’s only contribution was to throw a bit of cat nip our way, making it harder to separate the important from the critical.

Given intelligence is seldom unequivocal, and public opinion doubt eternally indelible in the post fact age, it probably doesn’t matter much anymore if Russia was the waiter that served up the steaming pile that will be the Trump Administration.

What we can say with little doubt is that epic social media battles for the heart and soul of the nation are being waged on American internet soil.  This is a Civil War, with debates no less important those that emerged from the Vietnam war.  As then, America seems incapable of believing there is a political middle ground somewhere upon which there can be a United states.

Forget the Russians and Don’t Blame ourselves
Cyber war is a relatively new and we are susceptible to the crude tactics that move public opinion. Putinbots had some success, but it was limited.  Battling deceit, fighting liars and cheats is what really matters now. Coming together is the only goal.


Feature image from Freaking News… check it out they are great.


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