Companies and Wealthy pay $1 Million for Influence (and Lunch) with Trump

pay-to-playI paid $7.59 for my lunch sandwich and juice today. Some wealthy folks and companies are paying a lot more, $999,992.41 more to be exact.

They did it to rub elbows and curry favor with Electoral College President Elect (ECPE) Trump and Company which held a luncheon today in DC. Tagging along for the rubber chicken ride were some of the GOP leadership and a few Cabinet nominees.

According to the Centre for Public Integrity, major donors in the “$1,000,000+” category got several tickets to this “leadership luncheon” an exclusive pre-inaugural event.

Isn’t there a Law against this kind of thing?

In 2009, President Obama tried to minimize donor influence by setting a cap on donations by lobbyists, political action committees and corporations, and individuals of $50,000.

A ECPE spokesperson said the ECPE is “applying donor funding rules” set by President Obama, but according to the New York Times, are doing so in a way that only effects smaller donors, and not big donors.

Said Fred Wertheimer, a longtime advocate of campaign finance overhaul, “You can’t have a more ideal opportunity to buy influence and ingratiate yourself with a new administration than by giving a huge contribution to pay for their inauguration.”

Some Inaugural Committee finance members include Trump favorites such as Woody Johnson, owner of New York Jets, Gail Icahn, wife of investor Carl Icahn, and Sheldon Adelson casino billionaire.

We must guess from this list and approach that ECPE really didn’t just want any kind of “The People” to attend his inauguration.




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