Trump lashes out at Everything (Bannon Cheers Him On)

This week and last I suspect Dragon Naturally Speaking, the speech recognition software company, had its best week ever as millions of Americans got carpel tunnel syndrome tweeting in defense of democracy, decency, and against division.

What was it? Eight cabinet confirmations in five days? Trump taking on a civil rights icon, an internationally revered Hollywood actress, three branches of the US intelligence service, defense contractors, European leaders, President Obama, the cringing CEOs of at least five companies.

Meanwhile, Trump & Co fired General Errol R. Schwartz of the DC National Guard (putting their own in place so when inevitable inauguration disruptions happen, Trump can blame the victims). They also fired the eloquent 89 year old Charles Brotman, the announcer of every inauguration since the days of Ike. Fired all the politically appointed diplomats.

Talk about a carpet bombing of America’s psyche, not to mention testing our capacity to confront all the wrong and evil going on at once.

But make no mistake. This is by design, not disaster. Steve Bannon is hard at work behind the scenes, pulling all that is good in America down, laying waste as a foundation for his terrible plans for a hyper-libertarian white America. Pay for education. Nukes over diplomacy. Waterboarding over Justice. White Men over Women, and everyone else. Nasty Alt Right Christian Values over the Love, Peace, and Unity cornerstones of almost all religions.

If this is not the America you want, and if this is not the American you want to lead the world, then do not be fooled by the shiny confetti of Trump’s petty tweeting. Trump is not in charge, never has been, never will be. Not a thought in this man’s head. He is a Con Man for pocket change, nothing more.

Bannon and his cohorts are evil incarnate, and must be stopped.


If you fear Bannon as much as we do, join us on the #bannonwatch list and contribute to The Daily Turmoil.

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