Kellyanne “Con”way – “ALT”ERNATIVE FACTS in Trumpland.

It has started already, even before the press core has warmed up the seats in Electoral College President Elected (ECPE) Trump’s administration.

What has started? Redefinition of what is real and what is false. In the ECPE’s press secretary Sean Spicer’s first press conference he lied about the number of people at the inauguration.

Forget the press’ fair and balanced coverage of the size of the crowds. Spicer was asking us to forget the vast emptiness of bleachers un-sat-upon and National Mall un-trod-upon.

He asked us literally to forget what can be seen with our own eyes. “This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period!” he said, piling on Trump’s own hysteric whining about the same at a Saturday CIA meeting. The meeting, which was described by White house Chief of Staff Reince Priebus as a “Love Feast“, seemed nothing but. Former CIA Director Brennan was quoted saying “Trump should be ashamed of himself.”

Shocking? Not really. We have been in Trump’s post factual word since the ECPE first told us all Mexican immigrants were rapists and drug dealers.

For those who believe this Alt Right dribble, beware, ignorance is not bliss and the truth will come back to bite you.

Remember this especially when the Con Artist in residence at the White House takes your Affordable Care Act (can you say Obama Care!!) supported health insurance away from you and tells you that it didn’t, its just an Alternative Fact.



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