Trump Economic Policy: Pay More, Work for Less, and Screw the Environment

President Trump let American auto manufacturers know in a DC meeting, that environmental regulations “were out of control.”

The Electoral College Elected President (ECPE) ensured on looking cameras that he was “essentially an environmentalist”, while letting let car makers know his administration would be “very hospitable indeed” to business.

“You may not get your (environmental) permits” he noted “but you will know quickly” if you are going to get them or not.

Environmental permits are hardly the problem. Unless the shareholders of car makers want to make less money, or workers are willing to work for Mexican wages, building many models in US would price cars beyond what Americans are willing to pay.

There are other ways of making American automakers more competitive. ECEP could ask consumers to pay more for their cars! Or, he might start a trade war by taxing imported cars, causing countries to retaliate by taxing American goods in their countries causing them to be unattractively expensive.

Anyone familiar with this kind of voodoo economics would recall dozens of national auto-trade-wareconomic experiments that ended in desperate failures in both developing and developed countries alike. All countries managed to do by forcing the market this way, was to massively increase poverty and inequality, and you guessed it, to the benefit of bunch of rich guys – aka the Kleptocratic class, aka rich political appointees, usually cabinet members.

Almost at the same time as meeting with car makers, the ECEP signed an executive order to encourage the construction of the Keystone pipeline.

The controversial pipeline will take oil and gas from the Canadian tar sands in Northern Alberta to refineries in Texas.  Opponents say that the environmental hazards of the pipeline are far beyond any savings to be had from its construction.

Despite being “essentially an environmentalist” the ECEP thinks otherwise, perhaps because he owns shares in Energy Transfer Partners…. aka the company making the pipeline.



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