Three KEYs to Ending Alt Right’s Threat to American Democracy

In a great futuristic article, Peter Leyden, Founder & CEO of the media company Reinvent, observes that the coming of Trump is the beginning of the end, not for democracy and Democrats, but for the  ossified, tired GOP and conservative establishment.

He argues that interconnected globalism along with the increasingly obvious and desperate need to make the economy environmentally sustainable are unstoppable forces that will shape the world.

Disruption can be good, and with my fingers crossed I would have to agree with Leyden. Petty Trump, his billionaire cabinet, and sycophant advisors, along with those among his followers that are ignorant and/or willfully hateful ?  They are not forces of change that will make America Great Again. Their message is tear it down, jail them , lock the door and buy more guns.

The America I know is Decent

Decency will win the day, for there are far more simply “ignorant” Trump supporters thandecency there are “haters” and they will soon start to see the outcomes of the Bannon lead Trump administration. Funding for education re routed to private schools, the Affordable Care Act repealed, trade wars started to the detriment of employment and higher prices. And this is just the short list.

But the impending doom of these outcomes alone will not make the Trump administration change its mind, or repel the GOP conservative ideologues.  Three big-lift political jobs need doing for change to happen.

First, do away with the anachronistic Electoral College.  The Electoral College was started to give Southern white slave owners extra say in a shaky new union.  Now it’s used by morally shaky, mostly white politicians to hold progressive forces in all states, down.  If democracy is to flourish, it needs to be done away with.

Second, we need to cleanse the exhaustive gerrymandering of congressional districts.  In the many obviously geographically contorted districts, Republican wins are all but guaranteed.

Sustainability & Precious Environmental Asset  

According to undisputable facts, the world is using planetary resources at three to four times greater than the rate they are naturally replaced.  Not sustainable.  That’s like you burning one quarter of our your house up every year!

Leyden didn’t elaborate on sustainability in his article, but three things stand out in the current political context.

First, there is insignificant political understanding and will to act on sustainability.  Worse, the Trump Administration is replete with all the vested interests against the notion of a more sustainable world. There are the willful types like Tex Rex Tillerman, former CEO of Exxon which hid research confirming the imminent danger of climate change for over 40 years!!

Then there are the complicit types, those who get the whole sustainability thing, but do crap about it, mostly because of corporate vested interests.  Rick Perry, Steven Bannon, Ben Carson… name your villain.

This brings us to heavy lifting point three:  dramatically limiting the influence of companies and the wealthy to buy political influence.  Take Betty DeVos for example. The only credentials DeVos – nominee for Secretary of Education – has  are millions made in donations to local, state, and federal levels politicians…. politicians, she now has by the proverbial “you get elected only if I say so” balls.

Only massive disruption can bring the political will together for anyone of these three jobs.  Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” seems destine only to usher in a new set of corruptible interests. These necessary changes are hardly in their interests.

So, I hope to the gods and goddesses, big and small, that Leydon is right, and that Trump is the end of it all….





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