MEXICO – Five Rules For Standing up to Bully Trump (The world depends on it)

Yesterday Trump threatened Mexico with a 20% import tax on goods entering the US if they don’t pay for his ridiculous wall.

What should Mexico do?

They need to recognize that Trump and Co are nothing more than school yard bullies and that standing up to them is the only way, the only way to stop them.

Don’t give in like Miami Dade County did when they caved to Trump’s threat to pull federal funding from municipalities not complying with illegal use of local law enforcement for national immigration policy.

Caving will only make it worse for you and all the rest of the world. Like or not Mexico, the fate of the world rests in your hands. You blink we all lose.

Forget nuanced policy, here are five school yard lessons for dealing with cowards that are bullies.

1. Do not Blink Enrique (Pena Nieto, President of Mexico)

Don’t blink Mexico. Be proud, straighten your back, adjust your balls, and stare the bully in the eyes. Bullies use intimidation and insults to belittle others who they perceive as unwilling or unable to defend themselves. Sea carbon Mexico.

2. Don’t Negotiate
Cancelling Pena Nieto’s meeting with Trump was a good move. Bravo Mexico.

Bullies pick on those they think are weak, unwilling, or unable to stand up for themselves. The 20% tax threat is a test. Do not negotiate. Do not befriend. Ignore them or you give them the ammunition to make things worse. Be reasonable and confident, it will only make them look foolish.

3. Stare ‘em down
Do not accept the Wall. Do not accept even the existence of its possibility.

Stand tall Mexico look Trump straight in the eye.  Bullies like Trump try to break you down, but they are cowards. They need your fear to hold back their own insecurity. Bullies are WEAK not strong. Be STRONG not weak like Miami Dade.

4. Be Smart
Mexico, you can make this complex or simple. Complex will only mess things up.

The US needs Mexican inexpensive products and a huge share of the US economy relies on illegal labor to keep things cheap.

Hell, there are 5 million permanent jobs let unfilled because Americans don’t like to work hard in the fields or they don’t pay that much.

Don’t get sucked into an insult exchange, Mexico you will lose, even if you are wittier or smarter (which you are). Bullies rig the game.

Mexicans I know are proud, and remember money is money, but you can never ever recover your pride if you give in to Bully Trump.

Beware Mexico. Trump will come back with praise and kind words. Do not believe him or befriend him. Patronizing after a threat is just a way to make you feel grateful for the screwing you will inevitably get.

5. Learn to Throw a PunchCabron 3.PNG
If you can avoid a fight, ok, that’s best. If not learn to fight with what you got.

If you must fight, fight hard, and dirty. Aim for the soft spots.  Gather allies, Canada, other possible Trump targets in Latin America. Companies on both sides of the boarder that rely trade including hundreds of US companies will pay plenty to help.

Tell Trump if the wall goes up, you will pay the legal defense of all Mexicans in the US. Tell them you will encourage illegal emigration.

Tell them you will legalize pot and encourage exportation and forget about drug enforcement along the border.

Mexicans without passports? Maybe they are Americans wanting to get away from el Loco Payaso del Norte…. No passport, no entry to Mexico.

The Fate of the World May Rest on Your Shoulders Enrique
Millions of refugees around the world, depend on you not blinking Mr. President Enrique. Indeed, all civilized people in the world depend on you not blinking Mexico.

Don’t be Miami Dade.

Stand up for yourself and the rest of us will stand up for you.

Estamos contigo Mexico! Viva Zapata, Vive Hidalgo, Viva Mexico

#laresistencia  #seacabron


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