Beware of the Order in Bannon’s Chaos

For those of us that might be tempted to think there is chaos in Washington, you are dead wrong….and dead right.

There is much chaos. And yes, Trump and Co. have control of very little outside the Oval Office. But chaos is exactly what some people say President Bannon Trump wants.

Chaos is tactical cover for all the sewage currently going through their strategy pipe, and for what is to follow in the coming days.

Chaos is the Plan?
Watch for more much “unacceptable” in the next week.

Wall Street is reportedly going to receive “get out of jail for free” cards in advance of whatever financial derivative poison they can invent through some sort of planned, massive deregulation.  No? Why do you think so many ex Goldman Sachs guys are Trumpeteers?

Almost at the same time, communication goebbel Spicer says he is not going to get ahead of a sweeping anti-LGBTQ  Executive Order that is rumored to be coming.frome-chaos-order-3

On Tuesday, Mr. Electoral College Elected President Trump is set to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court. This will cause an uproar, maybe.

But hold that thought while we recall all the Nasty Trump wants in his Cabinet.

Seems kind of lost in the shuffle, no? It may be that many of these Ghastlies were despised by just enough GOP Senators to actually put a question mark on their approvability. Now, with all the mess going on, they will likely slip through battered but essentially unscathed by a distracted Senate and Congress.

Get Ready to Pay more for Shirts, Shoes & Electronics
Is it a coincidence, all this massive protest energy being steered towards the illegal and tragic ban on all Muslims-who-don’t-do-business with Trump?  And haven’t we already almost forgotten the trade war started with Mexico… strike that, the first skirmish in a dangerous global trade war.

Forgotten now perhaps, but you will remember in a few months when Walmart’s lowest prices get all that much higher. And you will remember even more when inflation jacks up your mortgage several interest points, or hundreds of dollars a month…. Its called inflation Donald, lookit up.

Less noticed still, was the galling Niki-The-Once-Kind-of-Liked-Haley who warned UN member countries not willing to kiss Trump ass that the US “will be taking names.”  In any book, save that of the Mafia, this is called extortion.

Back to the Supreme Court. This can go two ways.

The first: Bannon rams through someone everyone but hard core conservatives absolutely loathes. Hey, why not. This will only serve to whip the lather of 30 or so million rabid fanatics, more than enough to warp the #surrealityshow that is the Trump administration.

The second way it could go: nominate Merrick Garland, or someone of his ilk.

Why?  So Trump can say “See, I am not so bad.”

Would America fall for it? Perhaps not everyone, but maybe enough to make the extreme screwing any decent American should be feeling right now just enough less painful to stop protesting.

Strategy that Could Bite the Owner
With any luck, chaos without control will be Trump’s undoing. In the meantime, it provides Bannon all the cover needed to gut government, replacing it with his own horrid sycophants.

Democrats and decent Americans, it is chaos only if you fall for it. Divide the tribe to provide focus on each issue as it comes up. Running from one fire to the next is what they want.

#bannonwatch #resist

(If you are reading this article you probably don’t need the definition of sycophant, but its too good not to print – sycophant: a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite)


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