Psychologically Ill Trump Emboldens Ugly Crimes….

President Trump is a not a bigot.

Nor is he racist.

He likely knows he is a misogynist, but probably confuses it with being old school “gentleman.” We know the type.

No, Trump is what the loudest in the crowed wants him to be.

Trump is a man without principles. He sticks his finger in the air to see which way the wind will blow him. During the primaries that wind was all that was lurked in his horrid legions.

Two of many bad things resulted.

First, and as we now know, rabid fans can propel vacuous men to power. We thought this was the reserve of despotically inclined nations, but yes, now even in America it has happened.

Second, Trump emboldens those vary same rabid supporters to do what he indirectly, or directly suggests he would himself would do.

The results are indescribably horrible to any decent America.

Hate crimes rose dramatically in the aftermath of the election. In Michigan alone, they rose 65 times. Over half of these crimes were in schools or universities, laying the foundation for future fear and hatred.

Let’s not even talk of the excessive mistreatment of immigrants held at American airports. Children in hand cuffs? We know of at least one elderly woman dying whilst being returned to the Middle East. What’s is next? We’ve heard chatter of waterboarding by boarder guards at O’Hare airport.

The cause: “The Trump campaign demonized virtually every minority out there and did so on a pretty consistent basis,” Mark Potok of Southern Poverty Law Center … People who have white nationalist ideas or tendencies just go crazy,” when they are empowered by a leader’s word.

Tragically, the Trump’s flotsam has reached the shores of other countries. In Canada, white supremacist Alexandre Bissonnette gunned down 6 innocent worshipers at a local mosque. Shocked Canadians have woken to find “Burn Your Local Mosque,” stickers plastered on posts around their communities.

In the Ukraine, Putin has ramped up aggression in anticipation of a good “peace” deal with his partner in grime, President Trump. Israel has made similarly aggressive moves by expanding housing in the occupied West Bank, something it never dared to do during the Obama Administration.

Trump is a hollow vain, and a psychologically very ill man, and likely not a bigot or racist. His followers are, however. And unleashed by their President’s rhetoric and actions, are a deadly force of evil.



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