Trump’s Awful Economics & Wall Street’s Shameful Short Term Stiffy

The other day, Ross Douthat of the New York Times observed that while politicos in and around DC are going nuts, Wall Street is all about Zen. Douthat concluded this is because financial markets only care about the short term. The article is worth the read, but he is only partially right, as his assessment... Continue Reading →


Trump’s Naïve, Sleazy & Immature Economic World View

Trump is so out of touch with a real economy and the plight of ordinary Americans it is beyond scary. Imagine, the Electoral College Elected President still thinks immigrants cause job loss in manufacturing. Every ten-year-old knows technology is the culprit, just as they also know knowledge and innovation is the future. Immigrants, on the... Continue Reading →

Trump Economic Policy: Pay More, Work for Less, and Screw the Environment

President Trump let American auto manufacturers know in a DC meeting, that environmental regulations "were out of control." The Electoral College Elected President (ECPE) ensured on looking cameras that he was “essentially an environmentalist”, while letting let car makers know his administration would be “very hospitable indeed” to business. “You may not get your (environmental)... Continue Reading →

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